Digital Signage Products

For all kinds of digital signage projects

Electronic Whiteboard

Professional software for conference and more, high accuracy touch screen delivering smooth writing experience

LCD Video Wall

High quality original panel, high resolution, high brightness and vivid display, easy to install and maintain

Show Window Display

It attracts the attention of people on the street and sends them a message, in an elegant way

Elevator Display

Ultra-thin body, easy to install and maintain in bulk, special network connection design for elevators

Hand Sanitizer Kiosk

It’s a good idea to have someone disinfect their hands while watching a short video, it’s good for both health and business

3D Hologram Fan

Going 3D is a new way to show your taste and your marketing talent, this hologram fan is a good start

Wall Mount Display

Classic and elegant design, versatile and easy-to-use, suitable for all kinds of applications

Floor Stand Kiosk

Open for all kinds of customization, suitable for use in shopping mall, hotel, restaurant and more

Stretched Display

High quality LCD screens of different sizes and length-to-width ratios, suitable for all kinds of shelves

Digital Menu Board​

Ultra-narrow bezels and ultra-thin body, high brightness screen, easy to install and use in any restaurant

Outdoor Digital Signage

Designed for outdoor use, IP55 level protection, stable performance and long service life, open for customization

Digital Signage Player

It turns ordinary TV sets, projectors and other display devices into powerful digital signage, powerful and afordable

Digital Poster

Foldable easy to relocate, updated by network or local device, high brightness display 

Bus TV Monitor

Dedicated to vehicle environment, adapting to bumps, adapting to bus power and wireless network updates

Digital Signage Software

It offers rich features and functionality with intuitive interface and easy-to-use tools, delivering an awe-inspiring experience