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1. Introduction

On-demand playlist is a featured function of DSM80 digital signage system, which allows users to select and watch the content of specific playlist on demand. 

During the loop playback of regular digital signage content, you can select specific stored playlist and play its content on demand via on-demand playlist function. After on-demand playlist, it will go back to idle-loop playlist automatically. 

It is a good solution to let clients interact with the digital signage system and display special content for an emergency. 

2. Application

On-demand playlist can be widely used in many places, such as restaurant, hotel, bank, campus, meeting room, shopping mall, retail shops, and etc. Wherever the users need the opportunity to select the content and play it, you can use this function.

a. Restaurant
I. Display emergency message
II. Display menu and let clients select food type to check the detailed dish
III. Display promotion information and let clients select and watch the promotion details

b. Hotel
I. Display emergency message
II. Display news and let clients select language and check the corresponding news
III. Clients select and watch commercial and promotion information

c. Bank
I. Display emergency message
II. Clients select bank service and watch the details
III. Clients select and watch commercial 

d. Campus
I. Display emergency message
II. Students and teachers can select the latest announcement and activities and check the details

e. Meeting Room
I. Display emergency message
II. User can select the meeting and check the details, including subject, time, etc. 

f. Shopping Mall
I. Display emergency message
II. Display mall map and clients can select the department to check the information of available shops
III. Display promotion information and clients can select one promotion to check the details

g. Retail Shops
I. Display emergency message
II. Clients select promotion information to check the details
III. Display the latest activities and client can select the activity and check the details

3. How to realize it 

a. On-demand playlist design
It requires designing on-demand playlists and sending them to players from DSM80 management software in advance. Afterwards, user can select the on-demand playlist through network or hardware command, and then the corresponding playlist will be displayed immediately on screen according to the previous setting. 


b. Network Command
Network command is from DSM80 management software. When it requires playing a playlist urgently, user can request an on-demand playlist from DSM80 management software. After receiving this network command, the player will play the corresponding playlist on screen immediately.
Usually, user play emergency message via network command.


c. Hardware Command
Hardware command is from USB keyboard, remote controller, motion sensor and other possible hardware. 

When user select playlist via hardware, the right playlist will be played by pressing the corresponding button on the hardware. Client press button 1 to play on-demand playlist 1, button 2 to play playlist 2, button 3 to play playlist 3, button 11 to play playlist 11, and so on. 99 on-demand playlists are supported at maximum.

But there is no button on some hardware, for example motion sensor. How do we use motion sensor to play on-demand playlist? The player will play regular digital signage content. But when people approach to the player and motion sensor sense it, it will begin to play specific on-demand playlist. 

4.  Case Study

a. Ahold Headquarters in Netherlands 

Ahold installed DSM80 digital signage system in their meeting room to display suppliers’ brand. When their suppliers come to have the meeting, they want to display the corresponding brand through DSM80 digital signage system.

So Ahold integrated DSM80 system with CRESTON. At the entrance of meeting room, you can find an electronic keyboard on the wall. User can press the playlist number here to select and play the on-demand playlist. 

So the playlist with corresponding brand will play here.

b. Yamaha Shops
Yamaha installed DSM80 digital signage system in their chain shops. They have sponsored some motor races and want to display the news of these races in their shops. 

They display hint message on the main screen, such as press button 1 for race A, press button 2 for race B, press button 3 for race C. So client can select and watch the race news.