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Digital signage market applications, large competition trend analysis

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Digital signage market scale more than $14.9 billion in 2015, and is expected to forecast period to keep the compound annual growth rate of 5.3%. Display panel manufacturing way breakthrough costs have fallen sharply, and is expected to be the development trend of digital signage market have a positive impact.

Nowadays, entry-level project software dealers is more and more attention. Flip chip technology has brought better heat dissipation, reduce LED failure, wider Angle of light helps to reduce the cost of the digital signage industry.

However, the lack of standards does not guarantee interoperability between these two types of equipment, this is one of the main threat to the industry growth. In addition, because the interface compatibility issues, make the innovation of the commercial media player and display solutions is the key challenge for industry growth.

Recently, the 4 k technology embedded screen to meet the needs of large screen to become significant trend. Content management system (CMS) also constitute a large part of the digital signage system, and allow users to control what appears on the screen. Content creators for advertising or marketing company, to create images, text, video and graphics to form the impact on the public.

Using the digital signage technology to create and distribute content more faster and cheaper than print media. In addition, many public sector companies are turning to digital signage technology, because it can help enterprises to operate more efficiently. Digital signage system can improve the internal communication through, satisfied the demand of the people has always been quick to share the emergency information, hit global users and make sure that each user get the message in time and help the public sector, and boost the business.

Outdoor digital signage to want to reach the target audience and improve the user experience of enterprise has brought many benefits. Compared with traditional static signs, the digital sign more interactive and accessibility, and can provide a more attractive experience.

Digital signage is also used for education institutions, such as schools, in order to reduce confusion, to remind the staff and students, to share information and improve interaction. At present, the seamless communication between mobile devices and the commercial digital signage as an emerging technology to fill the gap between the two, and attract customers.

Application trend

Industry is basically divided into retail and medical application. Retail application in 2015 accounted for 39.9% of the share, is expected to lead the future of the industry.

The medical industry in the forecast period is expected to keep the compound annual growth rate of 7%. Pharmaceutical marketing the strict rules of phasing out the traditional business methods, this makes 3 d digital signage technology another marketing tool. And, the technology also help eliminate the patient's anxiety and by providing entertainment waiting time perception. In addition, the 3 d technology also helps by advertising and promotion of appropriate returns.

Display technology trends

LCD (liquid crystal display) technology in 2015, 54% of the share, but in the forecast period is expected to expand at moderate speed. More than 50 inches large size screen will obtain the more widely recognized in the forecast period. And the small size display industry is expected to lose share, the reason was that the LCD prices falling and digital signage market is growing.

LED (light-emitting diode) display will keep more than 6% of the compound annual growth rate in the coming years.

The regional dynamic

The digital signage market value $4.3 billion in 2015. Various applications of digital signage demand growth is expected to bring positive influence on the local industry.

Enhanced user experience and good application status is a key factor to boost the growth of industry in the asia-pacific region. Transportation of digital signage growing demand is expected to bring local compound annual growth rate of 7%.

Competition trend

Samsung, LG, auo, panasonic and group of optoelectronics occupies the most prominent in 2015 LCD panel market share. Scala become one of the market leader in software.

Car is expected to become the widening application fields, such as buses equipped with display panel. 4 k resolution digital display device demand is rising, mainly for larger lead to rising demand for more clear picture.