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Indoor and Outdoor Advertising Player Difference Analysis

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You can know difference between these two types of advertising from their title. Too literally, their using site is not the same. Indoor advertising is mainly used in more stable indoor environment such as subway station, Supermarket and so on. The outdoor advertising is mainly to be used in varied environments, even harsh outdoor conditions.

Indoor advertising:
On both the selection, according to the actual needs of the usefulness to the resolution. If you need to use in temperature and humidity, light, electromagnetic and other objective conditions are relatively stable environment, then the indoor advertising is a good choice. And if demand suffered detect sunlight, wind and rain, heat, cold and other strict environment, it is necessary to pick the wild-type advertising.


Not only that, you also can be based on the needs of broadcast advertising content to choose from. If you expect your ad in the elevator, shops, exhibition halls, conference rooms and other indoor places to convey information to the customer, you can choose the indoor advertising. And if your ad is expected to be used at the bus station, large commercial street environment, the demand for outdoor advertising selection.

Outdoor advertising:
Click here focuses on outdoor advertising, such as advertising often face more stringent use of outdoor environment, it is generally demand a waterproof, dustproof, anti-lightning, anti-corrosion, anti-theft and other characteristics, in order to ensure stable operation throughout the year. And not the same as in indoor environments under intense lighting conditions in the wild, it is necessary to be able to see, and therefore higher brightness and durability requirements of the display.


Further, since the outdoor environment is more messy, outdoor advertising on demand machine running stable, in order to reduce post-protection and protection methods become more efficient, which raises the demand for higher power and other hardware.
Outdoor advertising costs far higher to the indoor advertising. Use of indoor advertising frequency is higher than the outdoor advertising. General business user and retail industries most users will choose the indoor advertising.

Above that is the introduction of indoor unit and outdoor advertising differences, hoping to supply some reference for you.