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LCD Advertising Player Common Faults and Solutions Brief

Author:  Source:   Update:2016-12-13  Read:703

LCD advertising player is a new star spread in recent years, which uses the LCD monitor to display video advertisement pushing information more proactively. LCD advertising player incorporates  interactive technology of multi-touch technology, image recognition, augmented reality, human-computer interaction tracking, gesture remote control etc. Pattern of manifestations will be more interesting, to attract the audience to actively participate, proceeding one on one interactive communication. It effectively enhances the accuracy of the information push. Subvert the traditional mode of transmission.

As a new advertising medium, with technology advances, LCD advertising player applications become more widespread. It can be seen everywhere at supermarkets, buildings, squares and so on. Under normal circumstances, the normal life of the LCD advertising is up to six or seven years in 24/7 working status, so it’s necessary the user should grasp some common solution for LCD advertising faults. Now let’s Betvis briefly analyze for everyone LCD advertising player common faults and solutions in the process of using:

1, The screen seriously sprinkles: Look around if disturbed by surrounding magnetic field; Please check the power supply voltage is stable or not; please check monitor and Graphics card driver program; progress refresh rate 75HZ; If still can not be solved, please ask for advertising player  manufacturers for repair.

2, No content on screen, the front indicator lights shine: please check if the signal cable between monitor and computer is connected firmly or not. And please check if the signal line connected to the pin jack is break, twists and turns.

3, When switching on/off the LCD, there is disturb mottle showing on the screen: This situation is caused by graphics card signal disturbance. This is normal phenomenon. This question can be handled by automatically or manually adjusting the phase.

4, Automatic shutdown after boot: Firstly judge if menu settings is punctual off; If the machine is on a short circuit, you can replace the motherboard; Inverter operation is not normal, replace the inverter; remote control is not working.

5, On the LCD screen there is thumb size of spots: This situation is largely due to the pressing force. In the external press, polarizing liquid crystal panel will be deformed. The polarizing nature is like aluminum foil, it will not bounce automatically after pressing. Thus forming a difference when liquid crystal panel reflects, there will be dark area what you see. This is easy to find in white screen, usually the size of a dozen is around 10 square millimeters, that is the size of a thumb, this does not affect the working life expectancy of the LCD. Please pay more attention not to press the digital signage LCD display screen by hand in the future.