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DSM80 Digital Signage Management Software
Product Name:DSM80 Digital Signage Management Software
Key Features:
  • Features

    • Web-based
    • User-friendly
    • Multi-Company Support
    • Cloud-Service Support
    • Easy Installation

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    DSM80 CMS Software is a complete solution that allows anyone to easily build and manage a centrally controlled network of dynamic displays, using the latest decoding and transmission technology and including both hardware and software.

    Screens/Displays controlled by DSM80 player connect to and are controlled from a central location through any IP‐based network (include LAN, WAN, wired or wireless, 3G, multicast satellite, or even a mix of any of these.). It supports image, video, audio, scrolling message and live news and displays them through high quality digital signal. DSM80 has been tested by amounts of clients, and achieved that more than 9,000 players are online and managed together.

    DSM80 digital signage solution is consisted of below three parts:

    DSM80 Management Software: It contains content, programs and network management. Content managemsnt supports the transfer and management of content, offering upload and download function, and storing content of programms in server. Program management is for creating, editing, and campaigning programs to player, and managing the playback statics. Network management is to manage players, check player status, and get network log.

    Players (like Media Player, LCD Advertising Player and Kiosk): It receives commands from server, downloads content through internet and play them as pre-defined playlist.

    Users: user login server through web browser via internet from any PC, to manage the whole system.

    All Screens are managed through a web browser using our DSM80 management software. DSM80 networks can support hundreds or thousands of players, driving displays of any kind, e.g. Plasma/LCDs TV, TV/CRT, Projectors, LED screens, etc.

    DSM80 management software is better be installed on the PC with Windows Server OS. It realizes the centralized management of multimedia playback perfectly, featuring with remote content update, viewing network log, high definition, secure system login, and so on.

    Network Digital Signage

    Digital Signage, Media Player, LCD AdvertisingFeatures:

    Multimedia digital signage

    Multi-media Content
    Digital Signage
    Support almost every popular video/image/audio format
    Digital Signage Support 1920x1080 full HD definition video
    Digital Signage Support video steaming

    ticker digital signage

    Scrolling Message
    Digital Signage Support horizontal and vertical scrolling message
    Digital Signage Message font, color, position, speed are editable
    Digital Signage Support RSS message
    Digital Signage Support inserting message without updating whole programs

    digital signage system

    Digital Signage
    Display temperature and weather logo
    Digital Signage Update weather data automatically
    Digital Signage Only require to select the city

    Multi-zone display digital signage

    Multi-zone Display
    Digital Signage Support user-defined layout
    Digital Signage Video/image/text/date/weather zone
    Digital SigDigital Signagenage Support backgorund music
    Digital Signage Property and switch effect of each zone can be set seperately
    Digital Signage Suppprt landscape and portrait mode

    Scheduling digital signage

    Programs Campaign
    Digital Signage Support Idle-Loop, On-Demand, Inter-Cut campaign
    Digital Signage Schedule programs
    Digital Signage Select Playeback start/end tim and counts flexibly
    Digital Signage Pause or play some program

    player management digital signage
    Player Management
    Digital Signage Manage player by group
    Digital Signage Campaign programs by group
    Digital Signage Multilevel group is available

    Digiatal Signage Download

    Auto Download
    Digital Signage After updating programs, player will download it automatically.
    Digital Signage Download start/end time can be defined
    Digital Signage Before finishing download, it can be stopped manually

    realtime digital signage
    Auto Power On/Off
    Digital Signage Record time and date
    Digital Signage Power on/off at the set time
    Digital Signage 5 times of auto power on/off everyday

    remote check digital signage

    Check Record
    Digital Signage Manually check player
    Digital Signage Record manual check in server

    B/S based digital signage

    B/S Based
    Digital Signage Browser/server based
    Digital Signage Login through

    user access digital signage

    User Management
    Digital Signage Predefined roles
    Digital Signage Roles with different access levels
    Digital Signage Multiple user names for each role

    Digital Signage System

    Digital Signage Programs must be audited before campaign
    Digital Signage Support program preview during audit
    Digital Signage Player will download/play programs after audit

    Digital Signage Player

    Player Log
    Digital Signage Record the time of player power on
    Digital Signage Record the playback time of each program
    Digital Signage Record network, upgrade, and download

    digital signage report

    Digital Signage Playback time and counts of some program
    Digital Signage Power on/off time and counts
    Digital Signage Current and previous Playback statistics

    digital signage monitor

    Player Monitor
    Digital Signage Check player network status and log
    Digital Signage Record player exception
    Digital Signage Support realtime screenshot from player

    internet digital signage

    Digital Signage Support standard ethernet
    Digital Signage Support static IP and DHCP
    Digital Signage Support ADSL

    wireless digital signage
    WiFi and 3G
    Digital Signage Supports all 3G/4G technology
    Digital Signage Support WiFi 802.11b/g/n
    USB digital signage

    USB Flash Disk Update
    Digital Signage Supports USB flash disk update without network
    Digital Signage Automatical update after inseting USB flash disk into player
    Digital Signage Create and design programs on management software and export to USB flash disk

    embeded digital signage

    Embeded Platform
    Digital Signage Base on ARM11 and A8 high-performance CPU
    Digital Signage Embeded OS, Dual/Quad Core, with Media Acceleration
    Digital Signage Higher Security and anti-virus features
    Digital Signage Fanless design., low Consumption.

    LCD digital Signage
    LCD Screen
    Digital Signage Supports LCD screens from 15” to 50”
    Digital Signage Support Resolution from 800x600 to 1920x1080
    Digital Signage Support TIFL and LED backling screens

    HDMI digital Signage
    Digital Signage Video Output: HDMI/YPbPr/CVBS/VGA
    Digital Signage Audio Output: Earphone,

    Network Digital Signage

    Digital Signage, Media Player, LCD AdvertisingSystem Connection

    Thousands of LCD player connected to and controlled by DSM80 powered central Server.

    DSM80 powered player can be national wide or even worldwide.

    Digital Signage Network Connection


    Display Effect

    Many kinds of content type displayed on the screen.

    Video, Picture, Audio, Text message, Time & Date, News, and so on.

    DSM80 Management Software

    DSM80 Snapshot

    DSM80 digital signage management softwaer snapshot

    Digital Signage Application

    DSM80 Mangement Software Function

    User-Defined Layout
    User can design different layouts according to different content;
    Take the layout template or design layout;
    It supports backround image and music;
    Time zone can display current time and date;
    Weather zone display weather type, time, text and logo in 24 hours/48 hours/72 hours;
    Image zone can be set as static image or select various kinds of image switch effect, including scrolling, cut-in, gird effect, etc;
    Message zone can be set as static or scrolling text, supports news and RSS;
    Display logo on the specific location on screen, and logo can overlay other image;
    There are mutltiple ways to display scrolling message;
    Set one zone as main playback zone, and the program will end at the end of this zone;
    According to program, it can set layout size, including landscape and portrait mode.

    Playback Content

    Playback content includes video, image, audio, message, sustitle, time, date, weather, news, etc;
    Video formats include WMV, MPG2/4, RMVB, DAT, VOB, XVID, DIVX, AVI, TS, H.263/H.264, MOV, FLV, etc in 1080P decode;
    Image formats include almost all of image formats, such as BMP, JPG, GIF, PNG, etc;
    Message can set font, size, color, and background color or transparant background;
    Time and date in Chinese, English and other formats, it sync with server and is accurated by minute;

    Content Management

    Content can be managed and classified by category;
    Category type is similar to Windows explorer;
    Create/delete/rename a category on server;
    Upload content to a category according to different classifications;
    Upload different content from local hard disk or network folder;
    Support continuous upload from breakpoint;
    Set download time of player content to avoid busy hour and keep system stability;

    Program and Compaign

    Contain Idel-Loop campaign, On-Demand campaign and Inter-Cut campaign;
    Play or pause a program if you want and the pause program will not be deleted from player;
    The priority of campaign: Inter-Cut campaign>On-Demand campaign>Idle-Loop campaign;
    The Idle-Loop campaign can be repeated every several days, for example the reperated days are a week, and it will display different programs everyday;
    Inter-Cut time, end time, playback counts of Inter-Cut campaign are optional;
    On-Demand campaign is triggered by hardware or software command, and displays one or several programs as the set count;

    Group Management

    User management players by group according to the details, for example location, network, commercial, player model, etc;
    According to setting player group and campaigning programs, it can satisfy various complcated requirements of clients;
    Grouping is in tree-directory structur, allows multilevel group, easy to manage and understand;
    Without specific command, all of settings and content of players are same in the same group, such as playback content, hardware configurations, download time, etc;
    User can send specific configuration to one or several player in the same group according to the details.


    Strict audit system to manage playback content and avoid mistake;
    According to manage content in details, such as preview uploaded content and audit them, approve/refuse current campaign, user can manage player;
    Manage the access level of users by defining the users’roles;
    Admin can set up users, and select roles to different user;
    User login server through IP address via web browser, input user name and passwor and then manage the system;
    Default user name and password are availble.

    Player Configuration

    Get rid of manual work and increase player life cycle through setting power on/off time; Select network connection way and set network configuration, set DHCP/Static IP address, WiFi authentication/encryption method, 3G account, etc;
    Set video output and resolution, such as CVBS, VGA, HDMI, YpbPr, 1080P, 720P, 480P, etc;
    Adjust volume at different time;
    Upgrade firmware through requirements.

    Playback Monitoring

    Playback monitoring function make user learn the current and history situation of player without going to installation place;
    When there is something wrong with the player or network of player, it will inform the related administrator to let them know well about system;
    Remote check player network status, including on/offline status and recent hearbeat time, etc;
    Check the history hearbeat time of some player;
    Check system log, such as power on time, download start/end time, etc;
    Get player online rate directly;
    Auto alarm when player has been offline for a long time, or improper power on/off, etc;
    Check palyback status by taking screenshot.


    Statistics function make users get the plaback information and offer reliable data to study system;
    Check the playback list during certain time and in some group, including playback counts,playback start/off time, etc;
    System will get the playback counts and time of some file automatically;
    Check statistics by player name and file name;
    Get player availability ratio, means that how much percent normal working time of a player of a group player take in gross time during certain time.

    Live News

    Player realizes to display real-time message through the interface connection with server;
    Switch real-time content from server;
    Convert real-time message to form, image and other stypes to increase message arrival rate, more advanced than traditional mode.

    Digital Signage Application
    Digital signageApplication Fields

    Digital Signage Application

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